Dear Vendors and Customers,

I am a Broussard native and I graduated from ESA in Cade, LA and the University of Louisiana where I earned a Petroleum Engineering Degree and a Masters in Business Administration.  I worked as a Drilling and Completions Engineer for a local engineering firm until I was laid off resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent economic shutdowns.  Rather than relocate to Houston or elsewhere to find another oil & gas engineering job, I chose to remain in the Acadiana area and start a business.  After careful consideration , I decided to open an antique mall-type marketplace called Silk & Cypress, in a large climate-controlled industrial building.

My mission is to provide a unique brick-and-mortar and online shopping experience custom tailored to support small business owners, artists, and craftsmen in South Louisiana.  Additionally, we offer complete offsite estate sale services.  Once your items are at the store we input them into our inventory management software, label and tag each item, and sell your items in our retail section or as a part of our monthly estate sales.

Our 12,000 SF facility is equipped with 10 individual offices, 6,000 SF of retail space, 3,000 SF of warehouse space, over 2.5 acres of gated and lighted limestone parking and outdoor vendor space, and three 14'x16' overhead doors.  We can accommodate a wide variety of vendors from personal services vendors in the offices to artisan and farmers market vendors to original or oversize art pieces.   

I look forward to serving vendors, customers, and the Acadiana area.


Educare School
Educare School

209 Ida Road, Broussard, LA 70518

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